Navy SEAL Craig "Sawman" Sawyer has reached out to Corey Feldman to offer him help and protection for his campaign to name the elite Hollywood pedophiles that sexually abused him as a child.

navy seal craig sawyer offers corey feldman help with naming pedophiles

The former child star recently announced he was "working on a plan" the pedophilia network of oligarchs that operate in the upper reaches of the societal and political spectrum.

Shortly after, he released an emotional plea for help saying attempts had been made in his life and that he feared for his family's safety.SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEOIn his video statement, he revealed his plan was to make a film to expose the identities of the movie mogul sex abusers.

He asked for donations from the public to help he fund the project, but also help him hire a legal team and extra security for protection. Corey Feldman Pleads for His Life: 'Hollywood Pedophiles Are Trying to Kill Me' Feldman says that his life is now in danger and said that earlier this week, two trucks tried to run him down on the side of the road.

Following Mr. Feldman's statement, all-American hero Craig Sawyer has been bombarded with requests to support him.Sawyer is a former Navy SEAL, Marine veteran, sniper, and combat instructor.

He owns a company called Tactical Insider, which gives technical advice on weapons and combat to Hollywood movies and actors.

Mr. Sawyer is also a founder of the charity organization Vets 4 Child Rescue which aims to help and raise awareness for those affected by child trafficking and pedophilia. 

He has also been one of the leading proponents in the fight against elite pedophile rings.


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