Therefore, you should stay away from these 8 foods as much as possible!

1. Farmed Salmon
Unlike wild salmon, there’s insurmountable evidence that farm-bred salmon has large amounts of dioxin, PCB’s and other substances which cause cancer. This is due to the fact that farmed salmon is fed on a diet rich in contaminants, antibiotics, and other dangerous ingredients. A research has found that consumption of farm-raised salmon can put you at a higher risk of cancer since it has such high concentration of PCB.
What’s even more disconcerting is that more than 60 % of all salmon in the USA is farm-bred.
On the other hand, you should definitely stick to wild sockeye salmon as it’s a healthier choice.

2. Soda Pop
All diet soft drinks contain an artificial sweetener called aspartame, which has been proven to cause a dose-dependent growth in tumors of the blood, breast and lymph nodes. It’s also been known to cause insulin resistance.
Moreover, a review of 20 studies published by the European Food Safety Authority revealed that aspartame can be the cause of many diseases including cancer and birth defects. Also, if you drink soda regularly, you’re at higher risk of a stroke. The artificial dyes, which have a carcinogenic nature, trigger gastroesophageal reflux sickness too.
3. Canned Tomatoes

Did you know that the inside walls of cans contain a dangerous chemical in order to prevent the food from binding with the metal? Sadly, not many people know about the existence of this chemical called BPA which is used in the production of some plastics and resins.
According to a research, BPA has a similar effect as estrogen in the body, meaning it connects to the same receptors as this female hormone does. This is relatively dangerous, as it can easily cause hormonal imbalances, which ultimately lead to obesity, diabetes, cancer, and infertility.
So, always opt for fresh organic tomatoes!

4. Microwave Popcorn
This well-known snack is usually packed in bags with toxic lining. The lining of the bags of microwave popcorn has actually been associated with liver and immune system damage. It contains perfluorooctanoic acid, which can lead to the development of many serious health issues, according to a UCLA study.
Even the US Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that perfluorooctanoic acid is a possible carcinogen. Furthermore, microwave popcorn is usually made with soybean oil and other additives like propyl gallate, which might lead to skin rashes and digestive problems.
5. Potato Chips
This is another widely popular snack, especially loved by children. However, chips are filled with calories and fat and can easily cause weight gain if consumed on a regular basis. They can also lead to hypertension as they are abundant in sodium. What’s even more, they contain carcinogenic artificial dyes and chemical additives.
But that’s not all. Potato chips are fried at a very high temperature, which brings about the formation of a compound − acrylamide, which is also carcinogenic.

6. Genetically Modified Food
GMO food can be found everywhere, considering the fact that most of the foods in American supermarkets are genetically modified. And the bad news is that GMO food cannot be completely avoided as some produce including corn, soy and wheat is 90% GMO.
This food is dangerous to consume because proteins are released during its digestion, and this is unnatural to the human body. The proteins then turn into other organisms the body perceives as foreign organisms, which attack your body and trigger inflammation, one of the fundamental causes of cancer.
A research discovered that when lab rats were given GMO food, it led to pre-malignant cell developments, damaged immune systems and even smaller livers and brains in just 10 days.
7. Smoked, Salted or Pickled Food
This kind of food is rich in nitrites, which are known to be extremely harmful. And when digested, nitrites turn into N-nitroso, that is highly carcinogenic. According to extensive research, bacon, salami, and sausages, all of which are abundant in sodium and fat, have been linked to colorectal and stomach cancers.
8. Refined Sugar
Refined sugar has been associated with high insulin levels numerous times. And since sugars are the most important food for cancerous cells, cancers and tumors depend on sugar to grow. Cancer cells feed on fructose-rich sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup, which is used in almost all processed foods including cereals, juices, pies and other drinks that contain refined sugar.

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