Are this things happening by weather manipulation HAARP?

Do you think that Hurricanes last year where natural things?

Then why we see new this tsunami and earthquakes 7.6?!!

The U.S. territory Puerto Rico was placed under tsunami advisory Tuesday after the United States Geological Survey reported a preliminary magnitude 7.6 earthquake nearby.

The U.S. Virgin Islands was also placed under advisory.

There were no early reports of damage on land, The Associated Press reported. Some in Tegucigalpa -- the capital of Honduras -- said they did not even feel the quake.
The quake's epicenter was 125 miles north of Honduras and at a depth of 6 miles below the surface, according to the USGS. The Cayman Islands were about 188 miles away.

There are four levels of tsunami alerts, according to the National Weather Service's Tsunami Warning Center. The danger escalates from a threat, to a watch, to an advisory, to a warning.

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