Sean Penn has slammed Donald Trump by declaring him "an enemy of mankind."

In an op-ed for liberal publication Time, blasted the president and branded him as an "enemy of Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and every new child born. An enemy of mankind…. an enemy of the state."

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The Oscar-winning actor spoke out "on behalf of the American people" in response to Trump's alleged "sh*thole countries" comments earlier this week.One a movie A-lister, Penn's film career has dwindled in recent years with his name occasionally popping up in the press as he makes wild political statements.

With his last movie The Last Face in 2016 being panned by critics, who described it as a "laughing stock," it now seems the former star is attempting to ride the anti-Trump train to keep himself in the limelight, like so many other failing celebrities these days. 

 Sean Penn's career has dwindled in recent years Breitbart reports: It takes nearly 1,000 self-aggrandizing words before Penn takes on the president.For most of the interminable piece, the two-time Oscar-winner thumps his own chest over his work in Haiti after a devastating earthquake in 2010 resulted in some 300,000 dead Haitians.

Nowhere, however, does Penn reveal that Trump denies making the “shithole” comments about Haiti.

Nowhere does Penn mention that two senators, who were in the room, back up the president’s claim.And naturally, like the rest of our media, Penn spreads the fake news that Trump’s comments were racist, even though the left-wing Washington Post reports that Trump wants to increase immigration from “Asian countries” — an idea that would make him the most inept white supremacist ever. © press Trump has been a target of liberal Hollywood since winning the election

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