Lord of the Rings star claims victim’s should be blamed for sexual misconduct
Movie star Sir Ian McKellen has lashed out at victims of sexual misconduct to claim that women are to blame for the epidemic of sex abuse in Hollywood.

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The Lord of the Rings actor has claimed that many of the women who have spoken out to expose sexual assaults, had “told directors they would sleep with them to win roles.”Speaking at the Oxford Union recently, the British stage and film veteran claimed that women needed to accept responsibility for the sex crimes of male entertainment elites, such as Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey, saying:

“From my own experience, when I was starting acting in the early Sixties, the director of the theatre I was working at showed me some photographs he got from women who were wanting jobs. . . some of them had at the bottom of their photograph ‘DRR’ — directors’ rights respected. “In other words, if you give me a job, you can have sex with me.”That was commonplace from people who proposed that they should be a victim. “Madness. “People have taken advantage of that and encouraged it and it absolutely will not do.”

Daily Mail reports: Despite his support for victims coming forward, the six-time Olivier Award-winner, 78, admitted he’s worried about the impact of wrongful accusations, adding: “I assume nothing but good will come out of these revelations, even though some people get wrongly accused — there’s that side of it as well.”

 Having worked briefly with disgraced House Of Cards actor Kevin Spacey in 2004, when Spacey was artistic director at the Old Vic in London, Sir Ian, who came out in 1988 to lobby for gay rights in the UK, added the timing of Spacey’s own coming out was not ideal.
“The circumstances in which he chose to do it are reprehensible because it linked alleged underage sex with a declaration of sexuality.”


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