The Society of Jesus, the largest Roman Catholic Religious Order, whose members are called "Jesuits", was founded by Ignatius of Loyola. Ignatius was born at Loyola in the Spanish Basque country in 1491. He adopted a military career, and upon being wounded in the leg at the seige of Pampeluna he was obliged to undergo a long convalescence. During this time, he underwent a fantastic "Spiritual Transformation".
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Being without the Tales of Chivalry which formed his favorite reading, Ignatius Loyola turned his attention to Religious books, while convalescing. And being that Ignatius was a military man- at this time, he came to the conclusion, while reading the Religious books, that his Church too- needed to have it's own "Army". It was this that prompted Loyola to form the Army of The Society of Jesus for the Roman Catholic Church, otherwise known as the Jesuit Order. 

Ignatius and his six friends founded the Jesuit Order in 1534, and it received official Papal sanction in the year 1540. Ignatius became the Jesuit Order's first General.
The Los Alumbrados -'The Illuminated Ones'

Well, there is no way to break this news gently to you, and so I will just go ahead and say it. The Founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius Loyola, was a Witch! Literally! Ignatius belonged to a Witchcraft Group called THE ILLUMINATI, in his native tongue called "The Los Alumbrados". (See Encyclopedia Brittanica, Vol. 14, 1910, pg. 320)
The ancient name for Babylonian Mysticism (or finding ways to get in touch with "The One", "The All", or Satan) was called "Illuminism". The Babylonians who were initiated into the Mystery Religion were said to be in posession of Illumination or THE INNER LIGHT. Supposedly, this meant they had been ENLIGHTENED or aware of the fact that they were gods. (See Encyclopedia Brittanica, Vol. 14, 1910, pg. 320)
The Western equivalent to this Eastern Mysticism is the Hermeticism or Gnosticism that we have talked about earlier in previous articles. The Gnostics were said to posess the secret knowledge that they were in reality, "Little gods", and that Lucifer was the rightful Ruler of this World! The name Lucifer actually means Morning Star or The Illuminated One. Thus, the various Mystery Religions taught that it is Lucifer (or Satan) who gives us light and shows us that we are God and have no need of repentence, but that we need only realize the "God within" and bring it to it's full potential.
Various Secret Societies throughout the Ages have taught this Babylonian Mysticism, because they knew that these Mysteries were based upon the doctrine of Luciferianism. They were known for centuries as "The Illuminati". Their name was derived from Lucifer's name: "The Illuminated One". And it is nothing more than WITCHCRAFT! Now remember the association we discovered that the Freemasonry also has with The Illuminati; just keep that in mind.


It is interesting to note that when some Witches perform their magic, they first go into a fasting period (go without food), and meditate, to seek "inner purity". This is done in preparation to speak with demons, or with Satan himself:
"At the exact moment when the fasting (for inner purity) has produced it's purpose- that is, inner illumination, a secret, ecstatic sensation of total unity with the Universe (occurs)." -Witchcraft and the Mysteries, pg 77.
Well now... doesn't THAT sound familiar! ...the same 'ole New Age goal of becoming one with the All, or with the "Universe!" Now you have to keep in mind, we are talking about the illuminism of both the Freemasons and the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church. (Also keep in mind that Adam Weishaupt of the Freemason's Illuminati was a Jesuit himself)
After preparing themselves in this way, to speak with the demons or with Satan, the Witch will stand inside of a "Magic Circle" which they call "The Field of Force" (this has to do with the pantheistic idea that God is a force of nature). Supposedly, the Witch is able to draw down the powers or forces of nature and contain them within this field of force or Magic Circle, with which to perform their magic spells.
After the Witch has done all of his fasting and meditating, for the purpose of purifying himself, he is then ready to call down the "Spirits" who will grant his wishes. Once within this Magic Circle, the Witch says the following words:
"GREAT MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.... swiftly execute my wishes... I summon you by the great names full of power, OF THE ILLUMINATI OF THE FIRMAMENT... appear to me as I avoke the sacred influence of all the principalities and powers... Do you come in peace through THE POWER OF THE EXALTED ILLUMINATI? Will you serve me and reveal all things unto me of land and sea, of knowledge and wisdom, of good and bad, of natural law and of sorcery?" -Witchcraft and the Mysteries, pages 83-85.

Okay, I would say that we are on to something, don't you agree? Remember all of the things we have talked about, in regards to the "Great Masters of the firmament?" Recall that I have told you in previous articles that in the New Age Movement, those who supposedly have died and gone up to live in the sky or the "firmament" are called "The Great Masters!" These are demonic entities! (note that the term "natural law" was mentioned also, which we will discuss in a later article).
Now, I want you to keep these things lodged in your mind, because when we look at some of the things that the Founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius Loyola practiced- it will make you see the Jesuit Order in a whole new light! You will see them for what they truly are, and that is- a Roman Catholic New Age Army of Witches, used to infiltrate Society!
It is obvious then that the "Illuminati" that these witches communicate with is none other than Satan himself and his demons! In France, under the name Illumines, a Witchcraft School appeared in Picary in 1623, but only continued a short time because of the repressive measures taken by the Papacy. However, another sect of Illumines appeared in the South of France in about 1722 AD, and continued until 1794. They traced their origin to the Gnostics (see Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 14, 1910, pg. 320). Another such school of Witchcraft was found in Spain around the year 1520 AD, and was called "Los Alumbrados". Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Jesuits was connected with this group. He himself almost became a victim of the Spanish Inquisition when the Roman Catholic Church got wind of his connection with the Los Alumbrados (the Illuminati). But he was aquitted before the Inquisition Court with only an admonition.
It appears ln the surface that the Roman Catholic Church was against Ignatius belonging to this Witchcraft group, but obviously they did not punish him in any way for it. There are some who hold that the Illuminati group is a "front" for the Roman Catholic Church to unite the whole world under her banner again. After all, it was Ignatius Loyola himself who actually founded this Illuminati group! (also see Chick Publications, 1982, The Godfathers, pg. 1-11)
So it comes down to this- Ignatius Loyola was the Founder of the Jesuit Order, the "Spiritual Army" of the Roman Catholic Church, and he was also the Founder of the Witchcraft group, The Illuminati! It is very clear that the Jesuit Army was merely a Witchcraft group that was used to spread Roman Catholic doctrine throughout the whole world! That is what the Jesuits are for... they are used to undo all that Protestantism has done, and to gain back lands and people that the Church has lost to Protestantism.


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