The United States senate has voted to END the government shutdown after only 3 days, by 81 votes in favour vs 18 against.
This shutdown standoff saga started when Dick Durbin told tall-tales of “shitholes” talk in the private White House meeting on January 12th, as exposed by Your News Wire.

The United States senate has voted to END the government shutdown after only 3 days, by 81 votes in favour vs 18 against.

At this point, Trump then laid the responsibility on Durbin for the lack of a deal on DACA (Deferred Action Child Arrivals), the scheme due to end soon when the time limit for Obama’s signing order is reached.
Democratic Senator Cory Booker’s eyes bulged as he aggressively questioned republicans who had been present at the 12th January meeting. The aggressive mansplaining directed at Republican Kirstjen Nielson seemed shockingly like intimidation, so urgent was Booker’s desperation to signal his total devotion to these illegal migrants.
As indeed have Democrat after Democrat from Pelosi to Schumer.
Then, on January 19th, the Democrats refused to pass the legislation to keep the government funded by making DACA the sticking point upon which they would refuse to budge.

This was something of a PR coup with the first anniversary of Trump’s inauguration the next day, January 20th, plus the 2nd outpouring of the “pussyheads” with “The Womens March” taking place in 250 cities (thanks to George Soros funding earlier last year, see here. )
However, cracks started to appear over the weekend.
For the very first time since Trump’s election, the US media was NOT unanimous in its support for the Democrats decision to put 800,000 illegals above 360 million citizens. The poll numbers started to look bad on the issue. Most Americans simply didn’t feel that was the right set of priorities, nor that a shut-down was the right way to get that DACA deal.
Now today, the shut-down is over and the Democrats have agreed to pretty much what was on the table on Friday, having endured a media mobbing. In the longer term, that crack in media support may widen and do the Democrats a lot of harm come the mid-terms in November.

Meanwhile, focus can again return to Trump’s legislative agenda, with the State of the Union address approaching at the end of the month.
While attention can also now be re-focused on releasing the (currently classified) 4 page House Intelligence committee memo, with supporting documents, that congressman have been calling to be released to the public for what they show about the Obama Regimes actions moving against Trump illegally.
We reported on this at the end of last week, here and here.

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