It's a genocide buy MSMedia doesn't want to talk about it. Nobody does.
Hundreds of vaccinated children are allegedly dying from flu across America after getting the flu shot, statistics the mainstream are not reporting as Big Pharma move to cover up the scandal. 
according to the cdc  this year s flu has now killed 44 116 people

 According to the CDC, this year's flu has now killed 44,116 people as the flu vaccine fails to fight against the this year’s particularly nasty H3N2 strain.The CDC has pushed for an increase in vaccinations following a report on the latest figures that showed there were 759 flu deaths between 7 October and 23 December. © press The CDC has pushed for an increase in vaccinations following a report on the latest figures

According to The Organic Prepper: Not only does this influenza strain produce a more intense and deadly flu, the flu vaccine is less effective against it. This Centers for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) article discusses a study published in The Lancet spanning 11 years that demonstrates H3N2 is more resistant to the flu vaccine. … the flu vaccine demonstrates only a 33% vaccine effective (VE) rate with the average H3N2 strain…

 To make matters worse, this year’s flu vaccine isn’t even close to the average 33% VE rate of prior years. This year’s vaccine is performing at approximately a 10% VE reports: You mean to tell me the CDC already knows that this year’s vaccine is only 10% effective at protecting children from the influenza strains circulating in the wild? According to CBS News:This year’s flu vaccine may only be 10% effective, experts warn… It is the same formulation that was used during Australia’s most recent flu season — which typically sets a pattern for what the U.S. will face — and it was only 10 percent effective there.

How many children who died from this year’s flu were vaccinated with the “10% effective” flu shot?Note that the vaccine-pushing media isn’t reporting headlines such as, “Child who died from the flu was vaccinated with the flu shot.” No, that would be heresy to the vaccine dogmatists and propagandists who desperately push the false science that claims flu shots always work.Even when flu shots don’t work, these propagandists still claim they sorta, kinda, almost work.

 CBS News dutifully demonstrates this pseudoscience delusion by restating the fictitious mantra of the flu propagandists: “Experts say that if you do get the flu, it will likely be less severe if you have gotten a flu shot.”There is no evidence whatsoever to support such a claim, of course, but that doesn’t stop the media from repeating it — almost verbatim — in every news story that covers the repeated failures of the flu vaccine itself.


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