A series of sweeping raids by police have seen 130 children rescued from Pedophile Ring with 380 arrested on child abuse charges.The impressive numbers have been reported by Dutch police during a number of successful busts during 2017.Despite the success of the rescues, with hundreds arrested for child pornography, child trafficking, and other pedophilia-related crimes, Dutch police have warned that child sex crimes are rising at a large extent, according to figures of the Bestrijding Kinderporno and Kindersekstoerisme teams.

Last year the police investigated 18,000 reports of child porn being uploaded or downloaded by Dutch users.This was a staggering 50 percent increase over 2016 when 12,000 such claims were received.

Dutch police raid a property during a bust
According to the police, this rise has to do with the increasing availability of child pornography on the internet and the improved methods of identifying the material.In 130 cases it was possible to recognize a Dutch victim, leading to the arrest of 380 suspects, the national coordinator of the police teams, Ben van Mierlo, told NOS.
“It could be a sports instructor who we find in possession of a child’s photos or a grandfather that has been abusive towards his grandchildren or the neighborhood kids”. More than 100 of the people arrested are suspected of having produced child pornography, while the rest are suspected of spreading or downloading the material.The children rescued by law enforcement were entrusted to care organizations.
Dutch police warn child abuse related cases are on the rise

Many notifications came from the United States last year, the report said. When American tech companies discover that child pornography is being spread through their systems or being stored in the cloud, they are obligated to pass this on to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.This center then passes the information to the countries involved.Together with these reports, the police squads also conduct their own investigations. The police can only deal with a portion of all the declarations and are forced to prioritise the cases due to lack of resources. “We filter the biggest cases,” says Van Mierlo. “The focus is on the child pornography producers and rescuing the children, and to a smaller extent on individuals who download it.”
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