Ghanaian Prophet, Emmanuel Addai, has claimed that popular musician, Ebony, who died during the week, was killed by world’s famous society, Illuminati.
Many prophets in the country have since claimed that they saw the death of the artiste coming.

But Addai in a video he shared online, said the singer was killed by the secret society.
Addai claimed that Ebony was into Illuminati and was really in a serious campaign for the Freemasonry group with her music and her style of dressing.
Using numbers to buttress his argument, Evangelist Addai likened Ebony’s death to late Suzy Williams who also died in a similar incident.
Addai said Ebony’s death was purely caused by her involvement in illuminism and was being used as an agent of Satan.

He said, “Suzy Williams died on Thursday, Ebony died on Thursday. Both deaths are similar whiched by illumination.
“They killed Ebony to give way to another lady to take over.”
See video…


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