Liberal rights groups wants to lower age of consent to make ‘pedophile love’ legal
National Council for Civil Liberties pushed to lower age of consent when run by Patricia Hewitt

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Evidence has emerged that National Council for Civil Liberties in the UK was secretly pushing for the age of sexual consent to be lowered to give pedophile more rights.The policies of the NCCL were heavily influenced by lobbying from PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange, who wanted to promote “pedophile love.”Members of PIE successfully lobbied for the civil liberties group to adopt their view that “children were not harmed by having sex with adults.”
This view was embraced by those at the top of the group including the then-head, and former Labour Health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt.Extracts of a report by the NCCL, written for the Criminal Law Revision Committee when Mrs. Hewitt was general secretary, have now emerged that show an apparent attempt to alter the law to allow adults to have sexual relations with children by the liberal group.
The reports states:

“Where both partners are aged 10 or over, but under 14, a consenting sexual act should not be an offence. As the age of consent is arbitrary, we propose an overlap of two years on either side of 14.“Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage.“The Criminal Law Commission should be prepared to accept the evidence from follow-up research on child ‘victims’ which show there is little subsequent effect after a child has been ‘molested’.
“The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage.“The present legal penalties are too high and reinforce the misinformation and prejudice. “The duty of the court should be to inquire into all the relevant circumstances with the intention, not of meting out severe punishment, but of determining the best solution in the interests of both child and paedophile.”
Mrs. Hewitt, 68, was general secretary of the NCCL between 1974 and 1983 and oversaw the report pushing for the legislation change in 1976.Following a considerable backlash, after the files reemerged, the former Labour MP for Leicester West was forced to finally admit that the NCCL was “naive and wrong” about its ties to PIE, saying:
“Any suggestion that I supported or condoned the vile crimes of child abusers is completely untrue.”As the NCCL archives demonstrate, I consistently distinguished between consenting relationships between homosexual men, on the one hand, and the abuse of children on the other.”When Jack Dromey, as NCCL chairman in 1976, vigorously opposed PIE at the NCCL AGM, he did so with the full support of the executive committee and myself as general secretary.”

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