What happens with human rights and UN resolution for human rights? It it just on paper but what happens in reality? We are living in 21 century and this is just shameful and ridiculous.
Greece a country and nation that is bankrupt is not concern about economy, employment and what to eat but it's concern about that other neighbor country name.

Every people in the world have right of life and human basic right how to call themselves Macedonians and they country Republic of Macedonia.

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Republic of Macedonia is recognized by 140 countries in the world including USA, Russia and China.
But just Greece has this problem because in 1913 they occupy the lend from Ottoman Empire called Macedonia. But that is just region in Greece. After occupation and assimilation of Macedonia people there now they like to call themselves Macedonians but they are greeks. You cant be 2 different nations chose Greeks or Macedonians.
This EU NAZI and FASCIST now made protest in Athens with thousands of people against Macedonia and Macedonians.

They claim Macedonia is Greek but that's not the truth. Greece occupy Macedonian territory in 1913. There are also other 2 parts of Macedonia occupied by Bulgaria and Serbia. Republic of Macedonia become independent from Serbia after WWII when they fight the German-Italian NAZI Fascist.

But today have the same problem because NAZI Fascist are greeks.

Greece were never state before 1830 then was greek kingdom created by Oto I german king. So Greece is a German colony in the Balkan for german interests.

German Nordic School create false history about Ancient greece and after greece occupy Macedonia they claim now Macedonia is greek. But that's not the truth.

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Human rights of Macedonians from R.Macedonia and other 2 Macedonia's in Bulgaria and Greece are been violated and no EU human rights organizations likes to react.

After they occupy the lend they killed macedonians, they change the names of cities, villages, rivers, mountains even greeks erase the names of graveyard epitaphs. Greece made one of the biggest genocide in human history against Macedonians. 

In the greek civil war 1949 was mass exodus of Macedonians kids, man were murdered and woman are been raped.

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Greece is not democracy they don't recognize minorities like Macedonian and Albanian minority.

So today's EU state Greece is openly NAZI FASCIST state.

That like to take Macedonian history, culture and identity.

This is against all human rights by the resolution of human rights in UN.

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