She went from bride of Frankenstein to wife of the President.
President Trump reminded visitors to the Oval Office that his wife Melania once starred in an insurance ad where she swapped minds with a duck.
An employee from the Georgia-based Aflac met with the President to praise his tax reform bill on Thursday, and offered a gift of socks emblazoned with the company's ubiquitous mascot.

“Well your chairman I know very well, and he’s done a fantastic job. And they actually, a long time ago, hired my wife to do a big commercial. You know that, right? An Aflac commercial. And I think it was a successful commercial too.” Trump responded, according to a pool report.

Melania Trump appears in an Aflac commercial in 2005 called "The Experiment" where she switches bodies with a duck. (AFLAC)
In the process he alerted the world to the existence of the ad “Experiment” from 2005, in which Melania Trump, who became the future president’s third wife that January, pitched the company after her voice was transplanted into the Aflac duck.
A mad scientist touts the former model’s “sex appeal,” while the voice coming out of her body becomes that of Gilbert Gottfried, who was fired from his longtime gig as the duck after joking about the Japanese tsunami in 2011.
The future FLOTUS told AdWeek at the time that she was excited by her turn as a water fowl and added, “Donald is known for saying ‘You're fired’; maybe I will be known for saying ‘Aflac.'”

First Lady Melania Trump arrives for the State of the Union address in Congress on Tuesday. (MARK WILSON/GETTY IMAGES)
Though she never became a star as an actress, Melania Trump has been subjected to celebrity-like scrutiny over her relationship in recent days as she was reportedly "furious" after claims that her husband had an affair with pornographic actress Stormy Daniels.

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