Teachers at Banks High School in Oregon have caused outage amongst parents after they replaced the American flags with LGBT flags in their classrooms. One pupil’s parent expressed her shock to a local radio station when the American flags were replaced by the pride flags without the consent of the parents or pupils.Critics claim that the flags push a political agenda which is prohibited by the school district’s own code of conduct.

Headteacher Jeff Leo responded to criticism in an email: “We are following our school board policies and Oregon State Law. These explicitly state no student shall be discriminated against in a school setting.”One parent replied: “This is NOT about discrimination of students’ rights. It is about the teachers hanging a biased, opinionated, sectarian belief symbol in their classrooms and handing out pins to students that say the same thing.”

The LGBT agenda is alleged to have been forced on young pupils

According to IBtimes: In an email exchange with KATU 2, another parent repeated the allegation that an American flag had been taken down and been replaced with an LGBT flag. Their entire claim is based on a student’s testimony and has not been corroborated by any hard evidence.Leo replied: “This isn’t a political statement, it is a statement about teachers wanting to support students that they serve. The LGBTQ community is a recognized protected class by federal law. No, an American flag was not taken down by a teacher and replaced by a rainbow flag. There have not been pins being handed out by teachers.”Leo further claimed that Pride flags were allowed on campus where, for example, Confederate flags were not. He added that the latter were considered “hate speech”.
American flags were replaced by the pride flags
Recently UK primary schools have been told to include books about ‘transgenders’ in their official curriculum according to a new guide to diversity for teachers. The guide adds that dress codes should be ‘modified’ in order to allow staff and pupils to wear clothes suited to their “preferred gender”.Amid the furore between a small number of angry parents and the school, one student has put his head above the parapet and spoken to the local media.Bisexual senior Skyler LaMotte said: Knowing that there’s a teacher here who acknowledges that there are kids of different sexualities and genders – it really makes me feel just homelike.””The [rainbow] flag has more meanings than just gay pride. It shows that love is love. Everyone should be treated equally,” LaMotte added. “The fact that people feel that it is not just and not American makes me feel just a little unwelcome.”

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