Justin Timberlake’s plans to perform with a Prince hologram during the Super Bowl halftime show were cancelled on the day of the performance after “concerns were raised at the highest levels” that the choreography suggested Prince was “murdered by the Illuminati.”

Justin Timberlake's performance with a Prince hologram at the Super Bowl was cancelled because it exposed the Illuminati's role in his death.
Over the weekend, news spread about Timberlake’s plans to perform with a hologram of the Purple One during his Super Bowl LII halftime show. It was going to be part of a tribute to Prince and his many connections to Minneapolis, Minnesota, but most controversially it also promised to hint at the real nature of his death.
According to members of Justin Timberlake’s choreography, the late cancelation of the Prince hologram left Timberlake with a half-baked halftime show that was “more like a run of the mill concert than a spectacular Super Bowl show.“

After backlash over the rumored Prince hologram, Timberlake stuck with footage of the late singer.
“He was determined to outdo his performance with Janet Jackson… You know, the wardrobe malfunction. He wanted people to talk about his halftime show for decades.”

But the controversial hologram segment was “shitcanned” by executive producers, leaving the audience to watch an inoffensive performance featuring a video screen and a piano.
“It was supposed to be a subtle nod to others in the industry,” the choreographer said. “The meaning behind the choreography wasn’t obvious if you didn’t know what to look for.“
“People in the industry, we all know Prince was silenced,” said the choreographer. “We all know he was sacrificed. He got too big for his boots. He was taken out to keep the rest of us in line.”
“Have you noticed since he died nobody has stepped out of line? Nobody dares.“


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