The Hollywood hunk who attended a screening of his latest film ‘The Big Short’ raised a storm of speculation.

Four outsiders in the world of high-finance who predicted the credit and housing bubble collapse of the mid-2000s decide to take on the big banks for their lack of foresight and greed.

At the screening, Pitt, and the director Adam McKay, both bravely expressed their discontent with the criminal banking cartels.

When he was asked if bankers should be held responsible for the crisis that was behind the story of his film, the actor responded:

“I’m as frustrated as you are . . .

I think it’s horrible that no bank officials have ever been held accountable.

Therefore, there’s no incentive to stop this behavior.”

His director Adam McKay made an even bolder statement by blasting the Obama administration for not doing enough to prosecute the perpetrators in the banking community.

He said:

‘We did a screening . . . 

Nancy Pelosi was there . . . 
We talked about that. It’s the oldest scam . . . 
[Bankers] tell the leaders, ‘If you put us in jail, you’ll ruin the economy’ 

I think Obama has done a lot of good things, but I think one of the big black marks on his presidency is that no one went to jail.”

Coming from two Hollywood heavyweights, these statements certainly need to be heard worldwide. 

The power of Hollywood to influence and educate the public is enormous. However, most of the fluff oozing out of Hollywood merely props up the status quo and refuses to challenge the paradigm.

The fact that these Hollywood stars risked ostracization from the industry elite to call out criminals within the establishment is certainly worth noting and sharing.

Watch the trailer for the The Big Short below:


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  1. As a Sander’s supporter, you now realize it is a fixed game.

    There are no “Leaders” in Washington; they are elected as “representatives “ of “We The People’.

    But, they aren’t doing that. They are, instead, representing a corrupted process and they are using our own financial system against US.

    Wake Up!

    That financial system is “Insolvent”!

    Stop acting as if We must tolerate the bankers and their corruption any longer!

    At the very least, pull your money from the banks and use a credit union, for now, until everyone else gets on the same page.

    Read, Ellen Hodgson Brown's, "The Web Of Debt".

    The answer is: renounce the fraud that is the "Federal Reserve"- it is neither of those things. Repudiate the phony "Federal Reserve Notes"- Article 1, Section 8, makes zero allowance for a privately-owned and operated criminal cartel to hijack our financial sector.

    Reinstall a "Public Banking System"; the state-model of North Dakota, as a good example (the colonial "land banks", as another example).

    Reissue Abe Lincoln's "Greenback" Dollar, as pro-rated upon a collection of the counterfeit "Federal Reserve Notes".

    Investigate and Jail the bankers.

    Give any media personality and owner 24 hours to explain what they know of the fraud that is the FED- jail the others that don't show up.

    Same for the politicians- 24 hour amnesty to explain, on the record they are involved in TREASON, for supporting a criminal cartel as opposed to Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution.

    Jail any that resist.

    Honor whatever foreign countries own our "debt" as it stands against the promises of our T-Bonds- give "favored-nation status" to those that cooperate.

    Return the “Rule of Law”.

    Senator Sanders, We The People, Abe Lincoln’s Greenback Dollar, Investigate and Jail the financial sector, Investigate and Jail the media as promoting foreign propaganda.

    Suggesting prosecution of the bankers will diminish the American Dollar is the same as suggesting grown men may continue raping children or Humanity will lose Faith in God.

    True American Patriots have long harvested Tyranny as the proper compost and store to the dung heap that is Foreign “Corporatocracy”.

    ~ copyright Michael Keane 5/14/16