President Putin talked in front of the Russian Parliament last Thursday and exposed his plan to make Russia the world’s number one producer and exporter of organic and non-GMO food.

He openly stood against the artificial production of food, especially against big biotech companies like Monsanto as well as against every kind of genetically modified seeds.

In his address he stated that ‘we are not only able to feed ourselves taking into account our lands, water resources – Russia is able to become the largest world supplier of healthy, ecologically clean and high-quality food which the Western producers have long lost, especially given the fact that demand for such products in the world market is steadily growing.’

This statement comes only a few months after the Kremlin banned the production of food that contained GMOs and is making a huge step in the international fight against GMO food production and consumption at the same time positioning Russia as one of the leading forces in organic farming.

Putin also stressed that Russia will use more organic food and sustainable farming in a way to increase the country’s economic strategy.

“Ten years ago, we imported almost half of the food from abroad, and were dependent on imports. Now Russia is among the exporters.

 Last year, Russian exports of agricultural products amounted to almost $20 billion – a quarter more than the revenue from the sale of arms, or one-third the revenue coming from gas exports,” Putin stated in his speech.


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