It’s looking like Hillary and the Obama Administration may have lied to the American people!

A scorching email that leaked into the public shows the Pentagon offering help to rescue the remaining Americans during the 8 hour siege on the American consulate in Benghazi.  In another words, it’ s making its way a little more dismissively through MSNBC.
The email clearly shows a willing military response waiting only for a State Department approval that never came.

Everybody should recall that a certain incompetent Democratic presidential candidate was in charge of the State Department way back then.
Hillary was apparently too busy working out how to spin a YouTube video and not terrorists who actually murdered four Americans and impugned the country’s sovereignty
The Department of Defence attempted to contact somebody, anybody at State but apparently Hillary was really strict about no interruptions during meetings. At the very least, this contradicts the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta’s, 2013 testimony to Congress insisting that there was no time to get military assets to Libya.

Presuming Hillary was smart enough to not put an out and out refusal of help on paper, she was also smart enough to just pocket veto the offer with a wink knowing that attacking the actual terrorists would undercut the narrative that this was all somehow conservative America’s fault.

The said controversial email was obtained by  "" Judicial Watch , which went on to report that this evidence was actually known to exist as early as a month after the tragedy. If so, that adds further credence to the accusations that Obama and Clinton- along with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta- were committed to a long-term deception of the American people more than keeping their promise to protect them.  It also proves that the fact the Obama Administration withheld this email for so long only worsened the scandal of Benghazi.


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