Marc Nicholls, from Chevron Island on the Gold Coast, was shocked after chomping down on the grey, brain-like flesh on Tuesday.

'It was disgusting,' Mr Nicholls, 30, told the Daily Mail Australia. 'It was absolutely vile.'
He says he was left disgusted and feeling sick after biting into what he thought was a premium chicken breast from KFC, only to find he'd nearly swallowed a large intact lung.

Mr Nicholls, an IT technician, said he stopped at KFC Labrador during his day off.
He ordered a 3 piece box, with two wings and a chicken breast for $12.50. Instead of a quick, greasy meal, though, he said he got the 'surprise of my life.'

'I pulled a piece off [of the breast], then found that and spat the rest out,' he said.
After alerting staff, he was told the flesh could be a lung and that he should contact KFC customer service. He was not initially offered a refund.

A KFC spokesman said that the flesh was most likely a chicken lung or kidney that was mistakenly not removed during preparation of the food.

This month there have been a number of nasty incidents involving KFC right across the globe.
In England, a Wellingborough woman was left horrified when she found her KFC chicken meal was full of raw giblets and uncooked entrails.

She says when she held the piece of chicken from her Zinger in her hand she noticed flecks of purple and pulled it apart to find uncooked giblets and entrails had been left inside the meat.
Another hideous incident involved fly larvae in New Zealand.

Sarah-Jane Williams picked up some ‘bite-sized’ chicken from a KFC restaurant in Pukekohe, South Auckland, New Zealand, and when she pulled apart the fried batter, she found a large clump of fly eggs, which would soon hatch into maggots.

'Most of the time offal is removed in the preparation process, but occasionally it may remain,' a KFC spokesman said after the Australian lung incident, adding it posed no health risk.

But the experience was bad enough for Mr Nicholls to swear off the fast food chain for good. And he wants other people to be aware it could happen to them.

'You don't expect to have that type of c*** in your food when you go to KFC,' he said.
'[But] when you're eating junk food, you're actually getting junk'.


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