At the Donald Trump rally in Nevada, the Internet lit up with photos of two KKK members showing up and holding signs of support for Donald Trump

But upon closer inspection, we can see that the two people wearing the infamous “sheet costume” were actually black Liberals from either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders campaign. Please note the skin color of hands of the the men holding the signs.

The outcry on social media over the hooded figures did not diminish Trump’s support, however, as the GOP front runner won the Nevada caucuses by a landslide.

The billionaire real estate mogul has now won three straight states, after topping the field in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz were still battling it out for second, with Rubio in the lead.

Trump is winning almost in all states and hes gonna be candidate for President from the republicans. 

Also they like to present Trump as member of KKK because David Duke former KKK member gives his support. But Duke is former KKK now he doesn't speak for KKK all he does is exposing Zionists Banksters rulers and owners of USA that are destroying America.

Duke supports Trump because of his ideas in economy, creating new jobs, exposing corruption on the government and not because Trump is white.

Any person can support Trump that doesn't make him member of kkk or member of black panters if the suporter is a member of them. 

So MSMedia stop with this nonsense.

Nice try, faux KKK liberals….


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