Is this a joke? 
No it's not it's real! Hahaha than it's so funny. 
I think the Turkish Government along with President Erdogan has lost it again.
The Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Cavusoglu, has said on Turkish TV that Russia should be very scared and wary of Turkey.
“We call on Russia, which is one of our major trading partners, to stay quiet, but we also say that our patience is limited.”
Turkey Warns Russia

Yes they official lost their mind. 
In the real battlefield it will be opposite in reality Russia can occupy Turkey in 7 or less days. Not Turkey Russia. 
Relations between the two countries are the worst at their lowest point in decades, prompted by the November 24 downing of the Russian jet by Turkish forces.
Moscow imposed economic sanction against Ankara after the incident, sparking the biggest crisis between the two countries since the Cold War.

Turkish President Erdogan said "Russia wanted issues between the two countries to deteriorate."
"We regard this infringement which came despite all our warnings in Russian and in English as an effort by Russia to escalate the crisis in the region,"
"If Russia continues the violations of Turkey's sovereign rights, it will be forced to endure the consequences," 
And now like he wants to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin after the incident.
When he was hiding after Turkey shoot down Russian war plane on Syrian territory provoking them to fight and incident and creating the World War Three.
"I told our foreign ministry to convey my desire to meet Mr Putin personally. There has been no answer on this yet."
NATO General Jens Stoltenberg called on Russia to "act responsibly". 
"A Russian combat aircraft violated Turkish airspace yesterday, despite repeated warnings by the Turkish authorities. Previous incidents have shown how dangerous such behaviour is," Stoltenberg said in a statement on Saturday.
When the truth is Turkey and NATO are provoking Russia in Syria to go into war with Turkey and NATO. 
But Putin is smart and don't like war with NATO and destruction of all Christianity.


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