17-year-old Zack Clements seemed to be in perfect health. But one day while he was running, he fell suddenly. Then he experienced what some would call “miraculous.”

After collapsing of sudden cardiac arrest, Zack was declared dead for 20 minutes before he came back to life. What makes it so remarkable is what happened during those 20 minutes – described in the video above – and the likelihood of it happening.

Clements describes meeting Jesus, who told him “everything will be alright” and not to worry.

While sports concussions make headlines, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) (different than a “heart attack”) during sports is the number one killer of teen and youth athletes, writes Dr. Jonathan Drezner for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation.

As for Zack and his family, they hold onto his experience as something drawing them closer to their faith.



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