Billionaire businessman and presidential front runner Donald Trump has made the problems we are facing at the porous Mexico border one of his key issues. His pledge to build the wall has been a huge attraction to those of us that are fed up with the illegal alien invasion.

Trump caught hell for pointing out that drug dealers, rapists, job-poachers and murderers are crossing the border in droves- and he’s made NO apologies for saying this.

Mexican officials, media and others have likened Trump to Adolph Hitler and have called him a racist. Drug kingpin El Chapo even got into it with Trump!

Trump has brought the problems Mexico has into the spotlight and as a result, Mexico has decided they’d better start doing something to improve their tarnished image.

Mexico is sending their diplomat, Carlos Sada to Washington to do damage repair.

Mexico’s new ambassador in Washington, Sada acknowledges his country has neglected its image across the border and aims to fix that with PR and media campaigns, and by lobbying prominent U.S. companies, lawmakers and civic leaders, Reuters reports.

“We need to do a more thorough job so that people understand what (Mexico) contributes,” he said after he was sworn in at Mexico’s Senate on Thursday.

Sada’s strategy includes underscoring Mexico’s importance to the U.S. economy, although it centers on defending the rights of Mexican citizens in the United States and promoting Mexican culture.

That focus has fed doubts over whether the government is trying hard enough to win over its most important audience: American voters.

“It’s vital to improve Mexico’s image and protect our people, but that’s not enough to change the hateful trend that Trump and other xenophobes before him have stirred up,” said Gabriela Cuevas, an opposition lawmaker who chairs the Senate’s foreign relations committee.

“They don’t understand the extent of the damage Trump has done,” she said, urging the government to be more aggressive in mobilizing powerful U.S. interests against Trump’s attacks.

Claiming Mexico is “killing” the United States on trade, Trump has threatened to disrupt bilateral commerce worth some $500 billion a year, and promises to deport millions of undocumented migrants from Mexico and Central America.

Conservative Tribune’s Kim Smith adds that there’s no doubt that Mexico would like to blame Trump for its damaged reputation, but at the end of the day, it has been forced to admit that much of what Trump has said was right — an undoubtedly humiliating admission.

Andres Rozental, a former Mexican deputy foreign minister, admitted Mexico was at least partly responsible for how the country is perceived.

“To change the image, you have to change the reality,” he said. “Unfortunately, Mexico’s internal reality at this point in time has a lot of negatives.”


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