While Trump backs Trump backs Britain’s EU exit.
Obama goes in London to visit the Queen of England and backs UK to stay in EU.
So we got old President and the new Presidential Candidate with totally opposite directions.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has weighed in on Britain's heated EU debate saying he thinks Britain WILL vote to leave Europe in order to regain control over the country's borders.

would make sense for Britons

Trump said a Brexit would make sense for Britons "especially in the light of the craziness of the migration chaos".

In his interview with Piers Morgan, the presidential hopeful gave his view on the in-out referendum which will be held on June 23.

He also doubled-down on his proposed Muslim ban and again insisted large parts of Britain were "no-go" areas following a takeover by Islamic hate preachers.

Trump, who spoke of his "great love for Britain", believed migrants "pouring in all over the place" would be the final straw for many when it comes to the EU referendum.

He said: "I think maybe it's time, especially in light of what's happened, with the craziness that's going on with the migration, with people pouring in all over the place.

"I think that Britain will end up separating from the EU, that's my opinion. I'm not endorsing it one way or the other but that's my opinion. I think a lot of people want to see that happen."

He also confirmed his commitment to ban all Muslims from the US - and insisted there was a "massive Muslim problem" in Britain.

He described lead Brexit campaigner and London mayor Boris Johnson as "a good character" but said he was wrong to criticise the businessman's Muslim ban policy.

His comments led to thousands of people signing a petition demanding he was banned from entering Britain.

The property mogul also said British people had backed him over his claim parts of London were "so radicalised" that police were "afraid for their own lives".

He added: "I will tell you that when I talked about the Muslim ban, and that's a temporary ban just so you understand - but until we figure out what's going on - but when I talked about the Muslim ban, [Boris] was very strong against me, he said like they have no problems in London at all.

"But I was written letters and phone calls - talking about London and talking about the fact that I was right.

"People in the UK generally, in fact all over Europe, were incensed at the concept of me being banned for speaking really what they said was the truth.

"A lot of people and I mean thousands and thousands of people were tweeting saying you’re right, you’re right Mr Trump, your right and so I don’t know what's going on over there but I can tell you there is some unrest."

The bombshell interview comes after Trump Accused British Muslims yesterday of not doing enough to tackle religious extremism in their own communities.

He said British Muslims are "absolutely not reporting" suspected terrorist and called it was "a disgrace" Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam was found living in his local Brussels neighbourhood.

The billionaire also described the Belgian capital as an "armed camp" which had been "destroyed by radical Islam".

He added: "They're protecting each other but they're really doing very bad damage, they have to open up to society and report the bad ones.

"When they see trouble, they have to report it. They are absolutely not reporting it and that's a big problem.”


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