Hilllary Clinton had good chance for the White House, as it's speculated that insane Donald Trump and communist stay to far from establishment politic to be electable. 
But it wasn't until the Wikileaks archive of Clinton's emails appear and broke that dream to have first lady President of United States of America.

Buried in thousand of the former Secretary of State's emails send via her personal server expose her close relationship with the infamous Rothschild banking family and hints for a potential Rockefeller-State partnership. 


Rothschild family is the wealthiest banking family in the world and they are on the top of the Illuminati families along with Rockefeller. 

Lynn Forester de Rothschild wrote an email on April 18, 2010, in which she tells Hillary she would “love to catch up” — and “I remain your loyal adoring pal.” Clinton responds “let’s make that happen,” and signs her response, “Much love, H.”

On September 23, 2010, Clinton emailed Lynn Forester de Rothschild (an email chain marked by heavy redaction) saying, “I was trying to reach you to tell you and Teddy that I asked Tony Blair to go to Israel as part of our full court press on keeping the Middle East negotiations going …”
Rothschild responds, thanking Clinton for “personally reaching out to us,” and adds, “You are the best, and we remain your biggest fans.”

A January 9, 2012, email discusses a conference on the environment set to take place at Jacob Rothschild’s “historic estate, Waddesdon.”

On New Year’s Eve 2012, Lynn Forester de Rothschild sent an email to Clinton “praying for” her speedy recovery. “And, my email box is lighting up with all the PUMA’s and their 18M prayers for Hillary campaign,” states the email, which is signed, “Love,  Lynn, Evelyn, Ben and Jake.”
An email to Clinton, dated October 15, 2009, from Melanne Verveer — former director of Pres. Obama’s State Department office for Global Women’s Issues and longtime Clinton family insider — states:

“Speaking at UNESCO Monday with the new director on the unfinished Beijing agenda [REDACTED] called to say she wants to give us several million dollars to subsidize a fund to give an annual award for innovation in empowering women that would be a rockefeller-State [sic] partnership.”

Then, on March 10, 2012, Verveer hints at least at a possible locale for Hillary’s future endeavors:
“I forgot to tell you that Judith Rodin offered you a suite of offices after you leave State for your own use at Rockefeller Fdtn, if you’re interested –with no strings attached. She also said they’d be happy to provide you with a month at their center in Bellagio if you just want to read and write in a beautiful place.”

Though none of the emails The Free Thought Project examined appeared overtly damning — thanks, in part, to sometimes heavy redaction — the evidence of Clinton’s comfort with the establishment lends credence to theories of her being the ‘chosen’ candidate.

Numerous emails evidence Hillary’s staff carefully monitoring — and even manipulating — mainstream news outlets as well. Lynn F. de Rothschild told Hillary in August 2009 about a fluff piece journalist Les Gelb was eager to pen for Parade Magazine.  Other emails show an almost paranoid eye Clinton kept trained on the Tea Party and its journalists and mouthpieces.
To reiterate, nothing particularly damning in itself was found in this admittedly cursory search — but the relationships these emails document, alone, evidence Hillary’s concrete establishment roots. While Trump infuriates the GOP and Sanders’ popular support lacks translation into delegate votes, perhaps these documents support the popular theory Hillary Clinton will be the next president — no matter what.

This are the facts about Hillary Clinton that's she has close connections with Illuminati families and if you are democrat and a close supporter of Hillary Clinton for President you should be ashamed. Never vote for Hillary as President. 


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  1. this is very scarry. im afraid. and trump is our only hope. all the corupt. fraud. evil and lies thisxeoman has done non stop why thecell isnt shevin jail..

    1. We as american citizens of this great nation need to unite and speak out against the obvious coruption of the democratic party and animal farm media outlets we need to vote and put in place people who care for all human kind regardless of race religion or wealth. Whether you are black, latino, white or of european descent we are among the poor and working class and have no voice we are forced to live in a dire circumstamces. Learn the true history of America and hold your nose to vote republician.

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