To stay healthy you need to drink at least 1 gallon of water a day.

But what kind of water you drink?

You think that your tap water is worst and you buy bottle water but the real secret is that most of the bottle water is even more acidic then your tap water.

If you live in US your tap water has fluoride, but so does your bottle water.

And you need to drink alkaline water?

But you don' know what water brands have the best ph value and are the best alkaline water.

You need to know also that bottle water in plastic takes a lot of chemicals from that plastic. 


The bottling companies, with the exception of just a very few, use extreme filtration and ozonation to treat the water before bottling it. Neither of these processes make the water healthier, and they are NOT better than what your water company does at all. Plus the extreme measures of filtration tend to make the water acidic. The concensus between the two main water quality regulating groups [EPA and EWG] is that bottled water is inferior in quality to tap water.
Extreme Filtration: The majority of the bottled water companies use extreme filtration [ion-exchange, demineralization, reverse osmosis, distillation, deionization or any combination of these]. Regardless of the source, wells, springs, rivers, lakes, and municipal water supplies, when you use extreme filtration it is proven over and over that you create dead-water. Dead water is void of all healthy minerals, similar to acid rain. It's called dead water because of the death of tissues, cells and life caused by this type of water. It takes a while for acidic rain-water to soak into the grond, trickle through layers of calcium and other rock and in the process calcium, magnesium, potassium and other healthy minerals absorb into it. Then with one foul swoop these bottling companies "treat" the water by removing everything from it, including all of the healthy minerals.
The disinfection of bottled water usually includes ozonation. The process of ozonation is basically infusing the water with oxygen [which is another way of saying oxidizing it]. Oxidizing is the opposite to anti-oxidants. It's used to kill germs, but creates complications by adding too many free-radicals - more than what is healthy for the body.
Safety of bottled water vs tap water: The result is that most brands of bottled water are void of healthy minerals, have no electrolytes, and are acidic. An extra problem is that water wants minerals in it and it will dissolve more minerals as soon as it can, such as acidic minerals from the air and alkaline minerals from your bones, joints and muscles. When you consume a lot of this type of purified water it will rob your body of its healthy, essential minerals as you drink. Not good.
According to a 2015 study, done by the American Dental Hygienists' Association, the majority of waters tested had a more acidic pH when tested in the lab than the value listed in their water quality reports. Note: This particular study was for the purposes of educating patients on the dangers of dental erosion and tooth decay from over consumption of acidic foods and beverages.

All of my testing of brands of bottled water shows them to be inferior to filtered tap water. This video shows you one of the many demonstrations/tests I've done on various brands of bottled water. In particular this video focuses on the pH of the water being tested.

The following brands of bottled water are shown here in this comparison chart with their pH-levels and water source/treatment notes in order from worst to best: Vitaminwater 3.4, Propel Zero 3.5, Propel Fitness Water3.36, Penta 4.0, Dasani 4.5, Function 5.0, Perrier 5.5, Poland Spring 5.8, Voss 6.0, Ice Mountain 6.0, Crystal Geyser 6.0, Deer Park 6.3, Smart Water 6.5, Great Value Walmart 6.5, Gerber Pure Water 6.5, Arrowhead 6.83, Evian 7.0, Eternal 7.0, Volvic 7.0, Zephyrhills 7.5, Absopure 7.5, Fiji 7.5, Super Chill 7.5, Evamor 8.0, Real Water 8.0, Essentia 9.0. The pH-levels of several locations where I've tested the tap water is also shown for comparison sake.


In a word, NO. Municipal water companies do a pretty good job of filtering the water, and their quality of filtration is highly regulated. They do add chemicals, such as chlorine, to treat your water, but these can be filtered out easily and quickly just before you drink it. The water lines going from the water company all the way to your tap are also regulated, by municipal codes, all for the purpose of bringing you clean and healthy water.

There are usually no chemicals or toxic elements in your water that can't be removed with proper water filtration. Keep in mind your municipality already filters your water. Most chemicals of concern in your tap water are put there by municipal water companies in order to rid the water of germs, fungus and algae. Water that is stored without any disinfecting chemicals [i.e., no chlorine] will soon start growing algae, fungus, etc. Chemicals used to treat your tap water, such as chlorine, are fairly easy and inexpensive to remove. The best way to handle water treatment chemicals is for you to keep the water disinfected, then freshly filter it when it's time to drink it.

There are three main types of products which filter water easily and effectively: portable water filters/pitchers, water filters attached to your water supply directly, and water ionizers. The advantages of any of these methods over bottled water are numerous: decreased cost & land-fill wastes; increased freshness, convenience & control of what you filter; and overall healthier water.

A walk down the water aisle in the grocery store will tell you how popular bottled water has become. However, pretty much all brands of bottled water are not the healthiest water. They've been sitting around in plastic bottles for who knows how long, and while they're certainly better than soda, they are still not good for you.

Many of the bottled water brands are simply tap water from some municipality put in bottles without specifically removing the pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fluoride, VOCs and water treatment chemicals. Many other brands of water use extreme measures of filtration, such as reverse osmosis, ion-exchange, and distillation which are cheap ways to remove everything from the water. But removing everything from the water makes it extremely unhealthy for you!

This is a video which is a great piece done by ABC's 20/20 reporters on the subject of bottled water vs tap. The healthier and tastier alternative is to set up a water filter system in both your home and office.

To keep our blood the right pH, 7.365, we should drink water at a pH of about 9 to 10. Drinking alkaline water helps the body detoxify. Toxins are acids, and to maintain pH balance while you are detoxifying, one needs an abundance of alkaline buffers.

Alkaline Water is Important to Cleanse the Cells of Toxins. In order to rid the body of acidic wastes, it is important that you have sufficient buffers, and that's a big reason why alkaline water is good. Our blood requires and actually enforces pH balance and when water is too acidic, your body is unable to flush out the acidic wastes from your cells and tissues. Organs deteriorate and disease sets in over time when you don't flush out the acidic wastes.

Scroll up to see our big chart comparing the pH-levels of alkaline antioxidant water with tap and bottled water, together with reverse osmosis water, soda, gatorade and distilled water.

Not only is alkaline water good, but also the fact that ionized water is antioxidant water is fantastic! The healthiest water to drink for a variety of reasons is alkaline antioxidant water. It will provide you with pH buffers to help keep your body pH-balanced (slightly alkaline). It's also packed with natural antioxidants [negatively-charged electrons], which are free to naturally fight free radicals. Free radical damage in the body is like rust, and cell walls can get so degraded that they even mutate if you don't do something about free radicals. Drinking alkaline antioxidant water all day long will help you prevent and even reverse free radical damage. When you've finished reading this page, take the time to learn more about the important subject of alkaline ionized water and why it's the healthiest water to drink... Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water


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