While Donald Trump often is credited with speaking his mind on borders, walls and Muslim immigration, one Western leader has been doing more than talking and from a more traditional conservative perspective than The Donald.

What’s more, he just did it again.

Hungary’s president, Viktor Orban, is in the news again for noting that Islamisation is against the constitution of his country and thus mass immigration into his country must be stopped.

‘To be clear and unequivocal, I can say that Islamisation is constitutionally banned in Hungary,’ Orban said before his nation’s parliament. He said that the constitution protects Hungary’s culture and language and that Islamisation is a threat to both.

“We have the right to choose whom we want and don’t want to live with,” Orban said, asserting the issue was one of national sovereignty. He also made it clear that concern for the welfare of the migrants was also a concern.

“It is reasonable to expect illegal migrants to be sent back without delay to safe transit countries or to their countries of origin if the latter are safe,” Orban said.

Orban was quoting from the “National Avowal,” similar to the Preamble of our American Constitution, the purpose of which is “promoting and safeguarding our heritage, our unique language, Hungarian culture… the living conditions of future generations.”

Furthermore, at a recent meeting in Lisbon, Orban criticized the EU’s positon on migrants.

“It is not acceptable for someone in Brussels to decide that the countries of the EU must solve their demographic and economic problems through immigration,” Orban said.

Last year, Hungary built a wall sealing off its southern border to keep out Syrian migrants who were mostly passing through on their way to Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel had laid out the red carpet for them. The move was immensely unpopular in her country as problems stemming from the inflow of migrants have escalated. The infamous New Year’s Eve mass “gropings” and sexual assaults in Cologne are just the tip of the iceberg. Hungary’s border fence received a great of criticism from Merkel and EU bureaucrats.

“American politicians have much to learn from their European colleagues and that starts with recognizing the existential threat posed by Islamic terrorism and Islamic immigration.”

Last week Orban met in Berlin with former German chancellor, Helmut Kohl. Recently Kohl had harsh words for Merkel’s misguided and destructive policies and has been clear that while the migrants should be helped, it should be done by ending the crisis in Syria. This makes sense as the refugees will have less reason to flee to Europe if turmoil in the Middle East simmers down.

“The solution lies in the affected regions,” Kohl wrote in an editorial a few days before meeting with Orban. “It does not lie in Europe. Europe cannot become a new home for millions of people in need around the world.”

While Kohl is concerned about the migrants, the fate of Europe must come first.

"We are aware that we have something to lose and that it is worth fighting for the European project for peace and freedom," Kohl wrote.

The joint meeting of Orban and Kohl, a European elder statesman, shows that many Europeans are waking up to the danger mass Islamic immigration poses to their nations. It clearly is no longer a “fringe” element that can be easily dismissed.

Kohl and Orban issued a joint statement that they supported Merkel’s policy of helping refugees so they can return home. Predictably, much of the European mainstream media slanted their coverage so their statement looked like support of her resettlement policy rather than a general policy of helping refugees, preferably in their home countries.

American politicians have much to learn from their European colleagues and that starts with recognizing the existential threat posed by Islamic terrorism and Islamic immigration. They should also learn to speak the unadulterated truth, without fear of being labeled fanatics or xenophobes. Honesty is a rare skill in politicians but one our leaders can certainly work on.


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