Cancer the modern disease that takes lives every day.

Modern medicine claims there is no cure for it.

But natural alternative food medicine says there is many many cancer cures.

Vernon Johnson was diagnosed with prostate cancer in an aggressive stage 4, and believe it or not, with the help of baking soda and baking powder, he succeeded to cure it.

He was actually advised to try this treatment by his son. He simply told his father to try and raise his pH levels, as we all know that cancer cannot spread in an alkaline environment or high pH levels.

While researching, he discovered a recipe which was believed to successfully destroy cancer. The recipe was a mixture of baking soda and maple syrup. Instead of maple syrup, he decided to use molasses.

He wrote down all his experience in a journal, and it was published under the title: “The last dance with cancer”, together with the balanced diet he followed in order to raise the alkalinity of his body, and provide sufficient amounts of minerals and vitamins.

He also started to practice breathing exercises for raising the oxygenation, as cancer cells do not tolerate oxygen.

Namely, cancer cells usually need fermented sugar for growing and spreading. That was why maple syrup is a better solution in these treatments.

The consumption of this combination brought high pH of the sodium bicarbonate in cancer cells and made their environment full of alkalinity. The cells, as we expected, were full of oxygen and soon destroyed. In this case, Vernon made even better nutritional support by using molasses.

Processed foods and sugars are considered as fuel for the growth of cancer, so this is why cancer patients need to avoid these products. Also doing this at home requires following more than one protocol.

Several weeks after his treatment, Vernon went to his doctor to do the regular medical examinations. The results were quite shocking since his prostate and bone cancer were gone.


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