At age 19, Seattle-based model Breanne Rice was diagnosed with vitiligo on her face. It didn’t stop her from having a career in front of the camera or eventually becoming her current profession as a holistic nutritional therapy practitioner. 

After 10 years of covering her face with makeup — even at the gym — she’s baring her skin to give hope to others who have the rare skin condition. “I wouldn’t go outside without makeup on, and I would look in the mirror and start crying,” she said on Instagram. “I was devastated.”

Allergies to foods such as gluten and dairy as well as sun exposure worsen her lack of pigmentation. “I went through a series of events and suffered a lot of trauma all at once, which pushed my immune system over the edge(stress also depletes us of B-vitamins),” she wrote. 

“I had to address my body as a whole, and take 10 steps back to take one step forward. I worked on building my immune system, taking down the inflammation in my GI Tract and focused on digestion. Guess what? My skin began to receive pigmentation back(especially on my chin), and I began to digest and absorb nutrients.”

While she still has vitiligo, she has definitely become more comfortable exposing it. “This is the real me underneath all this,” she captioned. “You know what though, I own it. There’s not much I can do about it. I can only love myself, and not let my circumstances define my value or self-worth.”

There are some cures for vitiligo some of this creams are working for people having vitiligo,
one of them is vitix the other is melagenin plus but they work like 2-3% for me. 

I have also vitiligo for 20 years. I try everything most of the things don't work.
I personally took one Chinese cream 3 months ago and it's working 30-40% of my face vitiligo is gone. This is the cream. 

Also for vitiligo you need to take B complex vitamins, and a lot or turmeric. 
If this model know this it will be better to cure her vitiligo.


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