Wesley Clark, a retired Army general and former Democratic presidential candidate, thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin wants GOP nominee Donald Trump to win the presidency.

Wesley Clark suggested that Vladimir Putin sees Donald Trump's campaign as "a shortcut to achieving all his dreams." (AP Photo)

Clark suggested that
Putin sees Trump's campaign as "a shortcut to achieving all his dreams" after Wikileaks published internal Democratic National Committee emails, allegedly stolen by Russian hackers, that forced DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign on the eve of the party convention. Many suspect Russia was behind the hack and did it to help Trump.

"Here's what Putin probably wants longer term: the break-up of NATO, the pullback of the EU, takeover of Ukraine, dominance over Georgia, re-establishment of Russian control over Eastern Europe and greater Russian influence worldwide," Clark said in a statement for VoteVets, a Democratic-leaning veterans group.

"And what does Trump suggest for his foreign policy? Conditional support for NATO, pulling America back behind walls, withdrawing forward-deployed deterrent forces, abandoning allies and encouraging the proliferation of nuclear weapons," he continued. "Is there any doubt that Putin might really like us to elect Donald Trump?"


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