Where is Hillary taking us and for who? Well it sure isn’t where Trump is leading us. Trump is for America and making her strong, safe, and great again! 

donald-trump-50 copy

Take a bit of time to understand what we the people are fighting against. How far deep we are sucked into it and what to expect UNLESS we stop the evil plans.

It is not make believe, nor is it a conspiracy. It is a plan that has been laid out in the United Nations and pushed by the great merchants of the earth. It has been prophesied and it is in full force.

This is not tin foil hat stupid stuff, this is your government establishment at work with your tax dollars, your food, your job, your very life. To them you are a useless eater and disposable. Think you will like this new way of existence? Think again.

Watch all ten videos here:

Trump is the hope of America and the entire world citizen. He is the key enemy of the great merchants of the earth who seek to implement their agenda 21 on the entire world.


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