Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann made a stop on the Rusty Humphries radio program to discuss the presidential campaign and the choice that faces America as well as some of its less-than-honorable citizens.

Humphries asked, “Why do you think the establishment hates Donald Trump so much?” That was an easy answer for Bachmann, who replied, “I’ll tell you why. It’s because the establishment is all in with moving toward a one-world government. Now that sounds weird, but it’s true. They believe in the idea of no borders and that means that everybody’s incomes will go down and we’ll have a few billionaires across the world.”

Bachmann and Humphries point out that Clinton promised Goldman Sachs that she would deliver exactly that to her billionaire supporters. Bachmann continues, saying, “And the billionaires want to have a one world economic system and a one world political system, so that they get to call the shots and we lose essential freedoms that we’ve taken for granted for years.”

“That’s the big difference in this election,” Bachmann says, “Donald Trump still believes in an old-fashioned America where we, the little people, get to vote and have our say. Hillary Clinton is completely different. She’s sold her soul essentially to the Goldman Sachs of the world and that’s who she dances to. And so that’s the difference in this election and it’s almost like another revolutionary war.”

Bachmann challenges, “So it’s up to people like your listeners to make sure that they get out there, vote for Trump and do everything that they can to vote down ballot to make sure that we don’t lose this country.”

Humphries asks what she says to people like John McCain and Paul Ryan who are coming out against Donald Trump. She probably doesn’t say exactly what she’d like to tell the two globalist members of Congress, as she wants to give them the opportunity to do the right thing. John McCain has come out in the past in support of the Muslim Brotherhood Clinton Aide Huma Abedin and against Bachmann. She’ll rise above it for now, but if we lose, McCain better hope he does too, so he can go hide somewhere in Arizona, out of reach of Bachmann and the American people. Same goes for Paul Ryan.

Americans won’t take kindly to a couple of globalist traitors being responsible for the end of our nation or for the start of a shooting war as a last resort, to save it. Vote Trump!


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