O cry me a river. 
Democrat are so stupid read the emails from Wikileaks first sheeple. 
Then you will know why this crying babies are just stupid. 

The democratic establishment received an EPIC blow. Donald J. Trump is officially the President of the United States after clinching 289 electoral college votes. The stunning upset needlessly affected the Hillary Clinton supporters to the point of them becoming despondent.
As the night wore and the state map continually turned red you could almost hear the Clinton supporters crying in their safe spaces. The live feed from the Hillary Clinton “victory” rally was so quiet you could almost hear Hillary deleting emails off her private server.

However, the images of the Clinton supporters crestfallen faces as they learned their queen had fallen was the highlight of my night, and I am here to show you some of my favorites.These strong, independent women console each other as they learn the news.“It’s ok honey, we will fight to keep aborting babies.”This special snowflake is retreating to her safe space in her mind.Really, is there any caption needed here?This has to be my personal favorite of all of them.

In case you missed it here is the live feed from Fox News last night, and you can hear the media pundits absolutely losing their minds that Trump was winning. To top it off you can see her supporters minds being blown as the votes continued to pour in for Donald J. Trump.

This is what happens when you the poke the bear, and keep pushing the people. The American people have had enough of being told who to vote for and what is for them. For the last eight years, we have lived under soft tyranny and now a turning point. The last time a Republican President had a Republican House And Senate was 1928. Our voices were heard last night patriots, let’s not mess it up.


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