This year the World has come to witness the most extraordinary display of triumph in a Presidential Election in American history. Donald Trump has defied all the odds. He has defied Political Correctness, something that has crippled this country since the 1950’s. 


He has defied the current President of the United States. He has survived against the Communists, dodged bullets, and assassination attempts. Could God be on his side? On the Americans peoples side?

Record breaking Republican Primary votes. Record breaking Democrats changing registration to Republican after years of a corrupt and ineffective Obama Communist Regime. All the while, the World has suffered plane crashes, terrorist attacks, and economic hard ship. But Donald Trump remains strong and stands by his ideals.

Donald Trump was right about Iraq. He is right about protecting our boarders and our guns. He seems to be the Political juggernaut that America has sought eight years ago. Yet, no matter what he says, no matter how hard the evil Liberals fight him, Donald Trump only grows stronger. Something that is very peculiar indeed. Something that normal people get tired of and become corrupted and wasted away by evil. But… not Donald Trump. Is something else at work here? Or are we just too optimistic for peace is this World?
Are you ready to so save America? The World? And Make America Great Again?

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