Most of this Alternative Media are speaking the truth.

But MSMedia, google facebook and other social media don't like the truth and will censor it.

There is also this plan of Trump and his wife Melania to censor the internet.

The future is not so bright for Social Media.

And the social media Alternative websites give the victory to Donald Trump.

The elite lost the elections with the fake news produced by MSMedia.


Now they don't know how to fight it and they start to censor best alternative media websites.

This professor made a fake list of this sites like they share fake news.

But the truth is they shold close MS MEdia for making fake news like ABC, CNN, CNBC, NBC, and others.

Google and Facebook announced measures to ban fake news websites from using their advertising networks.

Previous attempts by Google AdSense and Facebook Audience Network saw the companies ban sites that "misrepresent, misstate or conceal information".

However the proliferation of fake news during the US elections, some argued, swayed votes towards Donald Trump and prompted the social media platform and giant search engine into changing their policies.

An unofficial task force of Facebook employees has reportedly taken it upon themselves to examine the company’s role in promoting these fake websites during the election.

Melissa Zimdars, assistant professor of Media and Communications at Merrimack College collected all the websites she could find which she deemed "false, misleading, clickbait-y, and/or satirical “news” sources".

While acknowledging the "important critical commentary" satirical sites can offer, Zimdars nonetheless feared they had the potential to perpetuate misinformation if misinterpreted. We have chosen to remove her list of satirical sites because what they publish is deliberately tongue--in-cheek.

Here are the sites Zimdars says publish fake news:
The Free Thought Project
Addicting Info
Associated Media Coverage
Being Liberal
React 365
Indecision Forever
IJR (Independent Journal Review)
Bipartisan Report
BizPac Review
Red State (3)
Blue Nation Review
Satira Tribune
Liberal America
The Blaze
The Free Thought Project
The Other 98%
The Reporterz
The Stately Harold
ConspiracyWire (
National Report
NC Scooper
NCT (New Century Times)
Daily Wire
News Examiner
USA Supreme
US Uncut
Newswatch 28
Newswatch 33
Winning Democrats
World Net Daily
Empire Herald
Empire News
Occupy Democrats

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