The Clinton campaign collapse continues unabated.

As Donald Trump and Mike Pence campaign in places like New Mexico, Michigan and other states once considered safe for Clinton, a new poll from another state considered leaning Democrat is rocking the race!New Hampshire hasn’t been won by a Republican presidential candidate in 28 years, but Donald Trump now appears poised to break that streak!
A new InsideSources-NH Journal Poll is rocking the race and has left Democrats STUNNED!

In Arizona Trump is winning in polls by 4%, also in Nevada.
Ohio winning by 5%, South Carolina 4%, Utah 2%. 

In Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Clinton leads just by 2%, Florida 1%, Colorado 3%.

Trump is going to win all those states and become President.

In the poll conducted October 26-28, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a 1.7 point advantage over former U.S. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, with 42.9 percent favouring her versus 44.6 percent for her Republican opponent in a five-way race.

If Trump can pick off New Hampshire, his path to 270 electoral votes gets a lot easier!


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