President Trump has done it! With only one phone call, President Trump got something done that Presidents Hussein Obama and George W. Bush could not get done in their combined 16 years in office!

President Trump called Saudi Arabia today and he’s gotten their Government to agree to set up and secure safe spaces for Syrian and Yemeni refugees in the Middle East!

For years, the mantras around the world have been “blame America first” and “let America solve the problems of the world.” That has ended under President Trump‘s rule, and the man has only been in office for ONE WEEK!

You see. President Trump just proved with this historic phone call to the Saudis, which you’ll probably NEVER hear about in the mainstream media, that if you hold people accountable and give them no other option but to deal with their own problems themselves, as President Trump did in this case by closing the gates of the U.S. to terrorist nations like Syria and Yemen, people will generally figure out how to solve their own problems.


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