An Israeli fighter jet was downed by Syrian anti-aircraft systems as a squadron of warplanes violated the Syrian airspace.

17 Mar, 2017 , a squadron of four Israeli warplanes violated the Syrian airspace through Lebanon near Al-Bureij area, and targeted an Army position near Palmyra in Homs eastern countryside,” said the official statement issued by the Syrian Army’s General Command.

“The Syrian Army’s air defense systems responded and managed to shoot down a fighter jet, damage another one, thus forcing them to withdraw,” the statement continued.

The escalation was also reported by Avijaa Adraei, spokesman of the Israeli Army, who tweeted that “while targeting several objectives in Syria, the Israeli warplanes were targeted by anti-aircraft missiles fired by the Syrian Army.”

Adraei pointed out that one of the missiles was intercepted by the Iron Dome and crashed in an area to the north of Jerusalem.

Israeli fighter jets have conducted several airstrikes inside the Syrian territories during the Syrian war. The airstrikes killed several prominent anti-Israeli figures from both Hezbollah and the Syrian resistance, and destroyed weapons destined for Hezbollah according to Israeli claims.

This video is reconstruction of those events of 17 march 2017


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