PROTESTERS hurled bottles and smoke bombs during clashes with police on the eve of the G20 Summit. Here are some of the most shocking images.

German police used water cannons and pepper spray to disperse violent anti-capitalist protesters last night before the G20 summit in Hamburg.

Protesters burn waste in 'Schanzenviertel' quarter close to 'Rote Flora' building ahead of the G20 summit in Hamburg

At least 76 officers were injured during the clashes, although Hamburg’s police force said that most of them only suffered light injuries.
Police fired water cannons at a group of protesters who rampaged through the streets, threw bottles and smoke bombs at officers and set objects ablaze.
The ‘Welcome To Hell’ protest was disrupted by violence last night with the most hardcore protesters continuing to riot into the night.
Several protesters sustained severe injuries from police batons on Thursday night, according to ‘Welcome to Hell’ protest organiser Andreas Blechschmidt.

Melania Trump is unable to leave her Hamburg accommodation due to G20 protests taking place outside, her spokeswoman confirmed to German media. The demonstrations are keeping the US first lady from attending an event with the spouses of other world leaders.

"We have no security clearance from the police to leave the guesthouse," spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told German news agency DPA.

Timo Zill, spokesman for the city’s police force, warned: "Militant protesters who exercise violence are not protected by Article 8. We will act systematically."

GETTY/EPA/RUETERSProtesters and police clashed at the G20 summit in Hamburg
EPAAnti-capitalist protesters started fires across Hamburg
About 20,000 police officers were deployed in Hamburg as police prepared for about 100,000 protesters to descend on the G20 summit this week.

Police believed that as many as 8,000 of the demonstrators are “ready to commit violence”.

Thursday’s ‘Welcome to Hell’ march was due to move along the Hamburg Messe where the summit takes place today and tomorrow, but police set up blockades about 300 metres into the route.

The Hafenstrasse Road, where fights later broke out, has been associated with Hamburg’s anarchist left-wing since the 1980s and the city has a reputation for rebellion.

GETTYPolice used pepper spray and water cannons against protesters
GETTYPolice believe 8,000 of the protester are ready to commit violence
GETTYProtests continued into the night after the march was disrupted by violence

Angela Merkel, German chancellor, has faced criticism for her decision to hold the G20 summit in Hamburg despite the risk of protests.

She is said to have chosen the northern port city party to show that big demonstrations are tolerated in a healthy democracy.

Protests have continued this morning as world leaders, including Donald Trump, Theresa Mayand Vladimir Putin, prepare to meet at the annual forum.

GETTYProtesters clash with German police in Hamburg
GETTYHamburg has a reputation for rebellion and political disobedience
GETTY20,000 police were deployed to deal with the protesters
Trump and Putin will come face-to-face for the first time today in what has become the most highly anticipated meeting of the G20 summit.

President Trump has spoken of his adumbrated for Putin, but during a speech in Warsaw yesterday, urged Russia to stop its “destabilising acts” and support for Syria and Iran.

The Group of Twenty (G20) is an international forum made up of the world’s 20 leading economies - 19 nations and the European Union.


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