In an interview with French publication Le Figaro, Russian President Vladimir Putin, called out the deep state bureaucracy that controls U.S. foreign policy, noting that U.S. presidents serve as little more than puppets for the ruling oligarchy.

“A certain person may be elected by the public on the basis of his merit and ideals – but rarely is this person able to formulate policy,” Putin explained. He then noted that the security service ‘bureaucracy’ in the U.S., which is typically known as the Deep State, is very powerful and as such does not allow any meaningful change in policy direction.

“Presidents come and go, but the politics remain the same,” Putin said.
In effect, individuals, who may have their own genuine ideas about reforming U.S. policy, are elected to the White House only to satisfy the illusion of a free and fair democratic process taking place — truly a façade of reality. Putin noted that “men in dark suits”, who remain anonymous to the American voting public, continue to pursue the well-established interests of the US ruling elite with each incoming administration.

“You know, I’ve communicated with one U.S. president, and a second, and a third — presidents come and go but the politics remain the same,” the Russian President said.
“Do you know why that is?” Putin asked, before exposing the actual workings of the American governmental system.
“So a person is elected — he comes with ideas,” Putin explained. “Then people with briefcases come visit him, well-dressed, in dark suits — kind of like mine. Except instead of a red tie it’s black or navy.”
Putin clearly understands how the Deep State charade works and his exposure of these operations, and the fact that people pull the actual strings of government, is a direct challenge to their covert operations.

The Russian leader explained that when these ‘men in black’ show up they essentially instruct the president on what he’s going to do – which is why you often see such abruptly differing policy enacted from that which the candidate ran upon to get elected.
“This happens from one administration to the next,” he said.
To see the overwhelming proof of this influence, we needn’t look any further than Donald Trump. Trump ran on a platform calling Saudi Arabia out for supporting terror and for their role in 9/11. However, as soon as his handlers told him what to do, he sold out and gave them billions — bowing down to them in the process.

But, that was only the start. Just this week, Trump referred to Qatar as terrorists and noted that they are ‘funders of terrorism’ throughout the world. Only days later, On Wednesday, he granted the terrorist government of Qatar a $12 billion weapons deal.


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