Former child star Corey Feldman says he has been "blacklisted" by Hollywood as he continues his quest to expose the elite Pedophile Ring that operates in the entertainment industry.
corey feldman says his movie is being shunned by hollywood s elite

So far his Truth Campaign has raised over $250,000 to fund a film exposé that will lift the lid on child abuse in the upper echelons of the movie business and political world.Although videos his TV interviews with NBC and Dr. Oz have gone viral online, Feldman says he is lacking the "big financial backing" from major investors.This lack of investment is due to the nature of his revelations, Mr. Feldman believes.

CI reports: He’s lacking the backing from people in Hollywood with the capital needed to get his film put out there with the security and legal team required.On Wednesday, November 15, 2017, a noticeably discouraged Corey Feldman took to social media where he vented his frustration and hurt.

Some people continue to question why Corey needs $10 million to turn the story of his life into a feature film.Some of that money is to hire a security team to protect himself and his family from those who are higher up in Hollywood who don’t want him to expose the pedophiles in the industry.As he has come forward with names of abusers, he wants to ensure he has the money needed should any legal issues arise. 

The messages prompted swift responses from those on social media, but some fed into the negativity rather than offering positive solutions.Some even assumed the messages meant that Corey was giving up on his fight against pedophilia.Corey provided an update on Thursday and assured his supporters that was not the case.

There have been some people in Hollywood who have come forward to show their support for Corey, but none have done so with large, financial donations.According to Corey, the situation is getting dire as he fears retaliation from those who he has named, as well as those who want him to be quiet.


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