CEOs of US banks are "very afraid" as citizens worldwide have begun to drop the Rothschild-owned dollar in favor of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, according to one of the world's leading financial experts.

people are dropping the rothschild owned dollar for bitcoin

These comments come after JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon attempted to denounce digital currency by claiming that Bitcoin is a "fraud."He claimed that the original cryptocurrency was "just no the real thing" and that it would "eventually be closed," in the hope that people would be deterred from investing and put their money back in the bank.

Dimon's statements seemed to have fallen on deaf ears though as Bitcoin has continued to break all records as it continues to soar with its value now reaching close to $20,000, at time of publication.

Now Rainer Michael Preiss, executive director at Taurus Wealth Advisors has said that banks are terrified of cryptocurrency leaving the Rothschild-controlled IMF and central banks redundant, as citizens seize control of global finance for the first time in history."

Of course, if you run a very large U.S. bank, most probably you are afraid of blockchain and bitcoin," said Mr. Preiss.However, the Singapore-based wealth advisor who believes in the strength of Bitcoin, which is essentially an alternate way to store wealth, said it could be leading the "fourth industrial revolution." 

He told CNBC cryptocurrencies could present investors with a viable alternative given the uncertainty from banking's lack of transparency."The concerns are about the fractional reserve banking system, and the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve at $4.5 trillion, where the Fed officially refuses an audit," he said. 

 "On the other hand, on the Bitcoin blockchain, you have an audit every day because it's open-sourced." Bitcoin uses blockchain technology to record every single transaction that is made, which means all users will get a full view of the digital ledger.


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