Americans have never hesitated to be vocal when it comes to criticizing politicians and sitting presidents, and it seems they’ve never felt more free to do so than when President Donald Trump took office.

If you thought Trump had stirred up enough animosity already, he really upped the ante when he lashed out at LaVar Ball and Marshawn Lynch in recent tweets. His Twitter outburst resulted in a higher level of alienation than usual, as even Neil Cavuto told him to start acting more presidential.
Things have been taken up another notch now, as Snoop Dogg has entered the fray. In a video rant, the rapper lashed out at President Trump and did not hold back at all.
Warning: The video contains profane language.

“F**k Donald Trump, b***h. Let’s suspend your dumb a**, mother f**ker. All the goofy s**t you do every day. When you gonna get suspended, mother f**ker? F**k you. I’m with Marshawn Lynch, n***a. Stand up for the Mexican mother f**kin’ national anthem. We f**k with Mexicans, n***a. They the homies.”

His tirade is only 43 seconds long but manages to drive the point home that he’s extremely unhappy with Trump as a person and president. Snoop then adds:
“F**k you Donald Trump, and everything you stand for.”
That pretty much solidifies it as one of the most vicious verbal assaults directed toward the president by a celebrity.
President Trump has yet to tweet back to Snoop to let him know he received his message.

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