The George Soros funded Alt-Left group has announced plans to roll out massive nationwide riots and ‘rapid response’ rallies if Mueller Drops his investigations into the fake Donald Trump/Russia collusions.

The alt left group, funded by billionaire and globalist Geroge Soros, said it “will begin hours after news breaks of a Mueller firing,” according to a post on its official website.According to the post, “Donald Trump is publicly considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller” which the group feels is just an effort to conceal illicit activities with the Russians, despite the fact that both Hillary Clinton and former FBI Director Robert Muller were actually involved in the embezzlement of U.S. Uranium, as reported by Intellihub in the bombshell piece titled “Hillary Clinton requested FBI Dir. Mueller delivers highly enriched uranium to the Russians in 2009 in secret ‘plane-side tarmac meeting.’

According to the snowflakes at it would be a “constitutional crisis” if Donald Trump were to fire Mueller, vowing to hold an emergency “Nobody Is Above the Law” across all 50 states.The Alt-Left group’s plan is as follows:If Mueller is fired BEFORE 2 P.M. local time —> events will begin @ 5 P.M. local time.If Mueller is fired AFTER 2 P.M. local time —> events will begin @ noon local time the following dayThe last paragraph of the post reads:
This is our moment to stand up to protect our democracy. 

Let’s mobilize to show that we won’t let Donald Trump become the authoritarian that he aspires to be. The law applies to all of us, and it’s essential that it also applies to the most powerful people in our country.Use the search tool to find an event near you, or create one if none exists.

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