Russian President Vladimir Putin says human evolution is under threat
Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken out to say that the greatest threat to the survival of the human race comes from Big Pharma, GMOs, and vaccines.Speaking at his annual Q&A session in Moscow, Mr. Putin said that people who live under Western-controlled governments are “vaccinated until they are borderline Autistic” and that “many Americans are overweight because they spend most of their lives slumped in front of their screens while they struggle with fatigue from a high-fructose diet.”

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Putin warned that the people of Russia “must be protected from this way of life at all costs.”He cited the root cause of this being “large Western pharmaceutical companies” and “GMO foods.””I want better for my people, for the children, for the future of Russia,” added Putin.The Russian leader said that human evolution is being put in “grave danger” by global oligarchs who are “putting citizens at risk to make huge personal profits.”
“The people of this world must choose to develop their bodies and minds in a positive way if we are to continue evolving and moving forward as a species.”The Western example in recent decades has been to poison its people with genetically-altered food, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals.”Fast-foods are loaded chemicals and should be classed as a dangerous, addictive drug, but instead they are promoted more than real food.”Poisoning people until they are physically and intellectually disabled is not in the interest of the human race as a whole.”
“We must fight this,” Putin added.Describing Western government’s treatment of its people and “evil and dark,” Mr. Putin said, “the American dream seems to have become a drugged-up and obedient fat man slumped in front of a TV screen in a daze, idolizing false heroes.””But this is counterproductive for the long-term future of humanity,” he added.Over the last few years, Russia has been giving away free land to farmers who are willing to produce organic and sustainable foods.

Putin has made it a goal for Russia to become the world’s leading exporter of non-GMO foods that are produced cleanly and ecologically.
Last year, the Kremlin announced a complete ban on the production of all GMO-containing foods, which was seen by the international community as a huge leap forward in the fight against multinational corporations like Monsanto.Russia has stuck to its promise as it continues to pave the way and lead the world in natural, organic farming.

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