Russian President Vladimir Putin has exposed plans by the Illuminati to drive the world into a global nuclear war.Mr. Putin has endorsed a new security strategy for 2018 in which he points to the Illuminati as being a major threat to peace on Earth.
putin vows to end the illuminati s plans for world war 3

The Russian leader has signed a new executive order that outlines the threat to national security the priorities for the nation in preventing WW3.Putin's new measures will see Russia take an aggressive new stance towards the Illuminati.

Just last year, Putin banned members of the Rothschild banking family from entering Russia after Lord Rothschild branding the Russian President of being a "traitor to the New World Order."During a press conference, Putin warned "I will stop them" as he announced the tough new measures. "I will plow like a slave on a galley to stop them." 

According to Russian news agency Tass, the Illuminati's push for World War 3 is a threat to Russia's national security that jeopardizes the peace and prosperity of the entire world.The Kremlin believes the global elite is pushing for all-out-war to increase their geopolitical dominance and install puppet leaders in place of regimes that don't play ball.

 Putin declared the push for a nuclear war as a "global catastrophe," adding:  "World War 3 must be prevented at all costs.""A world war today would be the greatest global catastrophe of all time," said Mr. Putin. "I won't let it happen on my watch."Earlier this year, President Putin revealed the real reason that the world is on the brink of all-out nuclear war.

According to Mr. Putin, the story being pushed in the mainstream media that North Korea has nuclear weapons is a complete fabrication designed convince the public that the hermit nation is a global threat."[North Korea] don't have any nuclear weapons. This is a lie being forced on the people by the corporate-owned Western media," said Putin in August during an emotionally charged Q&A session in Sochi.

 "They know they can easily provoke the North Koreans and they will react, but the story that they are a threat is false.""I will tell you the facts about North Korea: They don't have nuclear bombs. They don't have Western-controlled banks. They don't depend on the US dollar. What they do have is a land full of wealth in unmined minerals."


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