Following a recent cryptic tweet from Julian Assange that left many fearing for his safety, evidence has now emerged that Donald Trump is going to pardon the Wikileaks founder this week following an extradition mission to Switzerland.

A series of posts from the infamous White House leaker, QAnon, around Christmas and New Year on anonymous internet bulletin board 8Chan, along with a coordinated tweet from Assange himself on New Years Day, has sent a message that the end of Assange's alyssum in Ecuadorian Embassy in London is now imminent.

qanon has suggested that trump is going to free julian assange this week

The notorious whistleblower posted, what appears to be, anencrytpion key - fb4e568623b5f8cf7e932e6ba7eddc0db9f42a712718f488bdc0bf880dd3 - along with YouTube video of the song Paper Planes by M.I.A.The unexplained tweet containing a 60 character code and a popular song has launched a frenzy of speculation as to the hidden meaning behind the message.

Concerns mounted for his wellbeing any many thought it may be a "dead man's switch," which could be a sign he is in danger, while others believe it's a hint towards an imminent Wikileaks drop. Infowars reports: While interpreting posts intended to be cryptic is not a science, those following QAnon understand he has predicted several important developments in code, in an effort to mobilize internet-aware Trump loyalists.Ultimately, the question QAnon is raising is this: Will President Trump pardon Julian Assange?

While CIA Director Mike Pompeo and Attorney General Sessions have argued that arresting Julian Assange is a priority, it is not clear that Assange has violated national security laws.Even if it can be shown he published classified U.S. national security documents.Technically, Assange has not yet been indicted for any criminal offense in the United States, nor is it clear he has committed any crime.Under the Supreme Court Decisions New York Times v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964), and in the Pentagon Papers case, New York Times v. U.S. 403 U.S. 713 (1971), a journalist is allowed to accept and publish classified documents provided by other sources.

On Dec. 29, 2017, Assange posted a tweet that referenced an article published by the Guardian on Dec. 14, 2017, citing a United Kingdom tribunal that declared WikiLeaks to be a media organization and a free speech advocate – designations that could carry a legal importance in placing Assange under “free speech” protections both in the UK and in the United States.Then, on Christmas Day, QAnon posted the following:On Jan. 1, 2018, posted on a decoding of this cryptic QAnon Christmas Day post.The decoding includes the following elements of interpretation: Using gematria, the numbers 10, [10-9] are translated into the letters JA, the initials of Julian Assange with “J” being the 10th letter of the alphabet and “A” being the first. The operational window for Assange’s extraction from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London is signaled to be later this week, Jan. 5-6, 2018.That Assange will be extracted with the blessings of the Trump administration is suggested by the designation FDeltaC, referencing a Federal Detention Center of undetermined location.  That the location is outside the United States is suggested by the “Delta” designation.

Dec. 25-26 refers to Emanuel Leutze’s famous painting, George Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas night in 1776. The painting was posted in synch on the Internet bulletin board 8chan by both QAnon and by the U.S. Department of Defense on Dec. 25, 2017.With the possibility Assange might return to the United States, the “storm” QAnon has been predicting appears ready to begin.QAnon’s reference to “Secured” suggests the path for Assange to return to the United States has been secured at the highest level of the U.S. government, with the knowledge and approval of President Trump.QAnon’s reference to “Floor is yours” suggests this is Assange’s opportunity to drop key files on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the hoax of “Russia collusion” developed by CIA Director John Brennan and propagated to the mainstream media with the assistance of Google’s Eric Schmidt.

The comment “Twitter FW” suggests Twitter will be used by Assange to communicate with the public as the extraction mission goes forward. The additional comment “Twitter [kill_rogue]" suggests Assange will post key information on the Twitter account @kill_rogue.Finally, the notation “CONF_WHITE_WHITE” suggests Assange’s initial destination of Switzerland has been confirmed. 

 Switzerland’s national flag is a white cross (WHITE_WHITE) against a red background.Over the New Years holiday, the decoding of the QAnon Christmas Day post lead comments on the SubReddit Internet bulletin board devoted to covering QAnon, Calm Before The Storm, found at CBTS_stream. On New Year’s Eve, Julian Assange posted on Twitter a cryptic string of numbers that appear to be a “Dead Man’s Switch,” linking possibly to a new cache of WikiLeaks documents Assange’s associates would post should Assange be arrested.

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