Scientists (and people with oodles of money, like Gates) will not let this GM mosquito experiment go. Regardless of how the communities where they are supposed to be released feel. 

(But even if you don’t care how the people feel, there simply hasn’t been enough study done on the GM insects and serious questions have still not been answered.)
However, never one to avoid controversy (or care about the poor) Bill Gates of the infamous Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is planning to do the same thing in one African nation, soley to experiment/study the unsuspecting populace:1

“According to a report from the website, GM mosquitoes are set to be released on Burkina Faso through the Target Malaria organization, which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
This open release is acknowledged as having no benefits by the Gates Foundation, and is instead intended to “test the infrastructure and systems for a future release and for, as yet, experimental technologies, notably “gene drive” mosquitoes, as noted in
this article from the Pulse.

The overall goal of the project is to eventually have an open release of gene drive GMO mosquitoes in hopes of reducing the population of a particular type of mosquito that can transmit the parasite that causes malaria; theoretically this would help reduce the incidence of the disease in Burkina Faso.”
2Future of GM Mosquitoes Despite Protests
And again, all this is possible despite the fact that the communities where the GM mosquitos might potentially be released, do not want them. In fact, Oxitec, is apparently working on a new business model where “miniature labs” would allow mosquito eggs to be raised and released into neighborhoods. (Picture this, a little moblie GM labs pulls up just outside your house and grows GM mosquitoes). And they have their sights set on Brazil first.
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