Rock star Bono has demanded that the UN should impose martial law in the United States to “save America from itself.”The U2 frontman has called on the United Nations deploy armed troops on US streets to “take back America” from Donald Trump’s control.In a statement from the Irish singer, he described the United States as “a great ship being captained by a drunk and navigated by lost souls,” before declaring that “the United Nations must intervene and save America from itself.”

Speaking to iHeartRadio, Bono, real name Paul David Hewson, described the Trump presidency as “the darkest era in American history” and asserted that “the only answer” is “UN intervention” to teach citizens some “common sense and restore their sanity.”Declaring that Trump supporters “need to wake up,” he likened the current climate in America to being controlled by a “punchdrunk,” saying the “nation needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and realize its time to hand over control to a trusted friend.”
Bono claims the US should hand over control to ‘a trusted friend’

In response to his critics, Bono said he is “qualified to speak” on matters concerning the American people because “Ireland is my mother. America is my sweetheart, the love of my life,” adding: “I am speaking out because I love America, I love America with a wild and furious passion.”Taking advantage of the media spotlight while touring 2017 album Songs of Experience, Bono also opened up to Rolling Stone, outlining his vision for life in America post-Trump.

Asked by Rolling Stone if there can be “hope after Trump,” Bono said, “I think the moment just has to be reclaimed. “This is surely the bleakest era since Nixon. “It surely undermines the very idea of America, what is going on now.””We know some who should know better have tried to piggyback the man’s celebrity to get stuff done. “They will live to regret it.”Before I went out against him in the primaries, I called a lot of Republican friends that I have and said, ‘I can’t in all conscience be quiet as this hostile takeover of your party and perhaps the country happens.’ “And I made the quote, and I still stand by it, ‘America is the greatest idea the world has ever had, and this is potentially the worst idea that has ever happened to it.’”


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