Fourteen EU states have expelled Russian diplomats as part of a coordinated plan for a world war between Russia and the west.

European Union prepare for world war with Russia, begins expelling Russian diplomats en masse

European Council president Donald Tusk confirmed Monday that the EU will continue expelling Russian diplomats in response to the Sergei Skripal poisoning case in England, and will take further action once this has been done. reports: Germany, France and Poland have expelled four diplomats each, respective foreign ministries confirmed on Monday. The Netherlands and Denmark will expel two diplomats each, their foreign ministries said.
Italy is expelling two Russian diplomats, while Lithuania has expelled three, according to that country’s foreign minister. The Czech Republic will expel the same number.
Meanwhile, Latvia is expelling one diplomat and an Aeroflot employee, and Estonia’s foreign minister has confirmed the country is expelling a military attaché at the Russian embassy. Finland and Sweden are expelling one each.
Ukraine has also jumped on board and announced it is expelling as many as 13 diplomats.
Meanwhile, outside of the EU, Donald Trump has ordered the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats from the United States, as well as the closure of the Russian consulate in Seattle.

Western countries have been pointing the finger at Russia over the poisoning of Skripal, a former double-agent, and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, UK on March 4. British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson went so far as to suggest the attack was ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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